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Welcome to the Stargate Atlantis Noticeboard!

This community has been modeled on the ds_noticeboard community and will follow roughly the same rules.

The sga_noticeboard is for announcing any and all SGA stories, vids, and discussion posts; sharing SGA news; and making SGA recs. Questions are better directed to other communities -- this is really more for announcements. If you are trying to find a story you can't remember (or want more general recs of a type of story), try sgastoryfinders.

Please use the subject line to mark an entry as a "New Story" or "New Vid" announcement, a "Rec" post, a "News" post, or a "Discussion" post. Please do not post entire stories or discussions here, just links. The Wraithbait archive, among others, hosts SGA stories and is open to all genres, or you can always link to an entry in your own livejournal.

Please judiciously use cut tags for long posts (such as extended lists of recs). Also, see the spoiler policy below.

Posting rules:

Communities, (& Fanlistings): Please post only a single announcement for any new community (please tag it with the community tag when you do!), and please do not cross-post subsequent announcements from that community. An LJ intended for use as a public bulletin board that is not created through LJ as a comm will still count as a community if we deem it to have generally the same indended usage as a community.

NOTE:To announce a community here, it must already have:

  • At least 10 members.

  • At least 5 posts.

  • A userinfo describing the community purpose and policies.

  • When you post announcing your community, you must:
    • Link to the userinfo.

    • Explain why you are creating this specific community -- ie, what it does for the fandom that no other community does.

    • At the bottom of your post, include a line saying "Members: [number of members], Posts: [number of posts]"

Any community announcements that don't follow the rules will be deleted.

Challenges: Please post an initial announcement of the challenge, and then one follow-up announcement when the challenge is closed and the stories are posted. Please do not post challenges that are a regular part of a community. (EG: sga_flashfic challenges are not also posted here.)

WIPs/short-shorts: It's hard to make a single rule for this that would not block a lot of content that people would like to see, so instead, we just ask that you use your best judgment when posting these. If you tend to write a lot of chapters, or many short-short pieces or story outlines, please batch them up and post a single update with a bunch of them, rather than announcing each one separately.

Tangential material: Please don't post any of this at all. This includes things like cute pictures of animals even if someone wrote a story where the SGA characters turn into those animals, news stories about the military in general, articles about physics, etc. If you think something is particularly interesting in an SGA context, do feel free to start a discussion about it and how it relates in your livejournal, and then post a link to the discussion. But not just a sort of, "Hey, look at this interesting thing" with no SGA-specific part.

Stories, vids, art, recs: Please post away! In fact, if you are doing a story/vid/etc for a smaller community, please especially think about cross-posting the work here also. For one thing, you will make it easier for people to find your stuff, and if you link to the work in the smaller community, that is a good way of promoting the community without adding noise to the noticeboard.

In general, the goal of this community is to be a centralized bulletin board to point SGA fans in the direction of things that interest them. Please be respectful when posting announcements. When posting, please make sure that you are only linking to publicly-available material.

Please *do* announce your own work here, don't be shy, and please encourage other SGA posters to do the same. You can also post to direct people to things that have been posted by others.

We do ask that you *not* cross-post links to flashfic stories here -- sga_flashfic is story-only, so people who want to see those stories can just sub to that community. (But if you finish a flashfic after the challenge is closed, or if you modify the story when archiving it, etc, then by all means *do* post that here.)

Finally, please use the community tags when making posts! It makes it much easier for everyone to find the posts that they want to see when browsing back in time.

Spoiler Policy: If your post contains any spoilers for any episode or season, regardless of whether or not the episode has already aired in your part of the world, a spoiler warning should be included, and *all* spoilers must be hidden below a cut-tag.

Spoilers include cast information ("Robert Davi (Kolya) is coming back!"), location information ("I visited the set last week and saw them working on the Cheyenne Mountain set!"), reactions ("Here's a link to my rant about this episode"), and of course any plot points. Basically, everything other than the episode name is a spoiler. When in doubt, please be courteous and cut-tag.

Your current mods are cesperanza, kaneko, and merryish.

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